South Africa isnt a Light Team for World Cup Title

South Africa might have lost the second practice match against New Zealand the other day, but, to start taking them lightly because of that result would be a big mistake.

Players, sometimes, don’t get motivated enough to bring out their best in practice matches.

But, come the tournament proper, there would be different sort of intensity.

Also, the pitches on which the practice matches are being played are the side on pitches and they will not be used in the main games.

The centre pitches will be used from where the boundaries on both sides will be at more or less at the same distance.

With side on pitches being used, the boundary on one side gets very short, while, on the other side, it gets too long.

The pitches might be a little flatter as well in the World Cup to make sure that the matches happen to be high scoring.

So, the circumstances will be very different once the tournament starts. Nobody can be counted out on the basis of how they played in their practice matches.

The South Africans, however, seem to get flustered a little bit if they lose AB De Villiers early and that’s something that the opposition teams would also have noticed.

You can get them go panicky once their captain is back in the hut. De Villiers’ wicket has triggered many South Africa collapses in the recent past.

One can imagine that the bowlers would look to target De Villiers the most and try and get him as early as possible.

South Africa, though, has other game changers as well. Somebody like David Miller, who is just below De Villiers in the batting order, is also a fierce player, but, he is very inconsistent.

South Africa will start their World Cup by taking on the neighbours Zimbabwe this Sunday.