Rahul Dravid tries to bat like Dhoni- 10 sixes!!!!!!

SA Cricket Movie Rating: 4 / 5


  1. i fucking love this guy. Great Talent, greater temperament and an absolute
    gem of a person as well. If Indians would rate their batsmen on technique
    and match winning innings Dravid would be miles ahead of everyone.

  2. Please change the idiotic title of this video. Dravid doesn’t need to play
    like Dhoni. You can’t compare a legend like Dravid with a kid like Dhoni.
    Dravid can play like Dhoni any day, but Dhoni can never play like Dravid in
    his whole life. Hats off to Dravid, the best Indian batsman of all formats

  3. the cricket has not ever been as beautifull after the legends like DRAVID,
    Tendulkar,,Sanath(the trend setter for modern cricket) …and it will be
    worse after afridi retires(only legend left of that era)..privileged to
    watch all of them!! thanx to all of them

  4. Dravid didn’t watched dhoni’s batting at that time and every one knows that
    Dravid has the best timing in his shots

  5. Azharuddin is the best who carved the future of Cricket India by Sachin,
    Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly & Laxman Etc….,
    Still His Excellence is missing from the time he got trapped by Big Fishes

  6. He isnt trying to bat like anyone, infact others try to bat like him… A
    good video, with a bad title.. -_-

  7. dhoni got captainship from dravid first thing he did is not to select him
    in ODI the only time he was selected when all Indian players failed to play
    short balls avg 39.16 sr71.14 one of the fastest half century scorer

  8. Dear title maker (robelinda)… Please dont make that ailly titles to
    attract public to watch this video…

    You can not compare god with its sages… Please mind it that…

    There is no comparison betwen dhoni and dravid.. Dhoni is little kid in
    comparison to dravid…

  9. He is a legend, world class player,one of the best technical batsman India
    has ever produced.Dravid is incomparable with Dhoni and you guys need to
    change the title for sure….

  10. Dravid’s play is the text book for others to follow. He doesn’t need to
    play like others. 

  11. Dhoni tring to bat like DRAVID not Dravind like too….!! Got it “” baap
    baap hota hai bache bache,…””

  12. WTF bcoz of a misleading title u r comparing two great cricket player. They
    both r excellent in their game. Both of them give us moments to proud. So
    plz don,t talk nonsense and enjoy their batting. 

  13. //Rahul Dravid tries to bat like Dhoni-//
    Dhoni did not even enter international cricket when most of these sixes
    were hit!

  14. pls change the title…rahul(The Wall)never copamres with dhoni…he more
    capable from dhoni…he knows only cricket..not politics ..

  15. Hey Moron! Dravid is a legend, and u r comparing him to Dhoni?? Dhoni
    doesn’t even has 0.1% of the class when compared to Dravid, so STFU and go
    watch pogo.

  16. dhoni is not a creepy more than that ……
    k sir, dravid can bat like dhoni, then what about dhoni is he play like
    dravid in any situation…
    check your beep once.. before commenting about a legend like that…