Allan Donald

Allan Donald was born on 20th of October 1966 and has been one of the best players in South Africa and has been known for his excellent pace bowling. He rose to fame for his fastest bowling skills ever seen in Test cricket and there were huge roars for him in support of his bowling. He is nicknamed the White Lighting due to his excessive speed while bowling any delivery.  He started off as a right arm fast bowler and has made an impact in the cricketing world.

Allan Donald is currently a coach for the South African cricket team. His aggression on the field combined with the white zinc around his cheek and nose has been famous throughout these years. His bowling capabilities could not be challenged and he had proved to be one of the best bowlers South Africa could ever produce with his astonishing and commendable 330 wicket in all his Test matches and around 272 wickets in all the one day internationals combined. However these records have currently and recently been beaten and over taken by Shaun Pollock, another star bowler for the South African team.

Allan Donald started off his career with the 1992 world cup. His bowling was quite impressive and he managed to catch the eyes of his coach and other fans in the audience. This new player definitely has skill, talent and potential which were soon being recognized by one and all. This exceptional game play which was coming from within was never going to stop and he kept performing better and better in the matches to come. Allan Donald has been of great use at some of the most crucial times and helped South Africa to a victory.

The 1999 World cup semi final which was played against Australia is an example of the magnificent role he played in helping his team to prevent a loss. Besides his international career, Allan Donald has been quite active in the domestic field as well and has played a number of matches for Warwickshire. He has also played a single match for Worcester in the year 2002. He has been an excellent commentator which started after his retirement as a cricketer. He has been an integral part of the South African Broadcast Corporation which is responsible for the commentating of most of South African matches played at the home ground.


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